Transportation to and from detox or rehab facilities is a vital part of an individual's recovery process and is often the most overlooked. There are countless incidents of people leaving a 30-day stay at rehab, only to be high before they get home. First Step's sober escort service will eliminate that concern. We will come to your house and transport them to the facility and we will meet the individual at discharge to transport them home safely. All of our escorts have over 10 years of sobriety and have sat in that passenger seat themselves. It could be beneficial to the person to have someone that's been there before and understands the feelings that they may have at that moment. Whether it be a plane, a train or just a car ride home, these can be difficult tasks for the person new in recovery.  First Step understands that and welcomes the opportunity to help. Don't overlook this step. Let a professional get your loved one where they need to be.