The first days after initial treatment are the most crucial for a person recovering from addiction. They have just been discharged from a safe, drug-free environment and must now cope on their own. The risk of relapse is heightened greatly during this time. Having a sober companion by your side during this early stage can drastically reduce the risk of relapse.

A sober companion will work with the client as a full-time safe guard against whatever addiction they may be recovering from. A sober companion can work with a client for as little as a few hours to as much as 24 hours a day for as long as the client needs. Weddings, events, nights out, court appearances, red carpet, awards ceremonies or just being at home, First Step Recovery Solutions has the sober companion that can fit your needs. Our companions are professionals with over 10 years of recovery. We are discrete and know how to blend in when necessary. We also recognize that not everyone can or even needs to go to rehab. We understand that a 12 step recovery process is not for everyone. A sober companion may be just the answer.